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Sat 29 April: Memories, Metaphor, Myth: talking of God in the 21st Century


This year we are very pleased to welcome Dr Val Webb back to St Mark’s church to lead a CRC full day conference. Val has delighted us twice already with CRC seminar evenings on her books In defence of doubt … Continue reading

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Christian Worship and the Presence of Christ

At this point you are probably thinking to yourselves, ‘That’s not Richard Giles in the pulpit,’ and you wouldn’t be wrong. When we postponed yesterday’s Creating Uncommon Worship workshop, Richard requested that his preaching engagement be delayed as well. So, … Continue reading

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God Talk ~ Why thinking and speaking about God can be so challenging

Many of us struggle with the word, ‘God’ – not least because it can be used in so many different ways, for good or ill.  We may also have grown up with an image of God that has become increasingly … Continue reading

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Living Trinity

Today, we are invited to reflect on the Trinity. It’s a difficult subject and Trinity Sunday is one of those occasions when experienced preachers tend to vacate their pulpits for some reason! But its a subject that I have been … Continue reading

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What are churches for?

To my mind, this morning’s Gospel passage, lifted from the so-called ‘high-priestly prayer’ attributed to Jesus, which runs the full length of John chapter 17, is one of the most intriguing, incomprehensible and infuriating passages of scripture.  It is intriguing … Continue reading

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Why don’t we sing some of the familiar hymns?

This is the third of three sermons looking as some of the questions relating to worship at St Mark’s which have been raised in recent months. Today we explore why we tend not to sing some of the ‘golden oldies’ – hymns that some of us have grown up with; but, equally, why it is that we sing the hymns that we do. Continue reading

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Honouring God

“The Lord’s prayer is Christianity’s greatest prayer.  It is also Christianity’s strangest prayer.  It is prayed by all Christians, but it never mentions Christ.  It is prayed in all churches, but it never mentioned church.  It is prayed all Sundays, … Continue reading

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I Believe in God: Three – God

CREDO IN DEUM, we come to our final sermon in this short series in which we have attempted to take a fresh look at the affirmation, ‘I believe in God’.  We began by reflecting on selfhood – on what it … Continue reading

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