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The sovereignty of God – Sermon from 12th June 2016

Gracious God, give our Queen continued wisdom and strength to carry out the promises she has made; and bless those who are gathered here, that, sustained by service for others, we may faithfully serve you, all the days of our … Continue reading

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It’s Interfaith Week – we’re keeping our doors open, and a message from Abdul Kadir Gooljar…

No hands

Following the atrocities in Paris, public spaces are being closed. This church is opening its doors and inviting you to come in as a gesture of HOPE. You are invited to write messages of solidarity for those caught up in … Continue reading

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Sermon preached at St John’s, Ranmoor

Over August Bank Holiday weekend, I returned to Greenbelt, a Christian festival of faith, arts and justice, which currently takes place at Cheltenham Race Course, although thankfully not when the gee-gees are in full stride. Continue reading

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Transforming Shame

This week I received an email directing me towards an article about how congregations facing decline are sometimes bound by shame (the article is called “Bound by Shame” by Susan Beaumont). It suggested that some indications that shame is directing … Continue reading

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The Humility of Christ

It’s not difficult to work out why the early church would have struggled with our Gospel reading this evening, narrating Jesus’ encounter with the woman accused of adultery.  Quite simply, it doesn’t reinforce his teaching on marriage elsewhere or indeed … Continue reading

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Why don’t we always use authorised liturgies?

This is the first of three sermons in response to questions I’ve been asked in recent months relating to worship at St Mark’s. It is now nearly two years since our last major worship review, the outcomes of which relating to this service were gathered together in the leaflet, Worship at St Mark’s: Foundational Insights, Aspirations and Commitments, which is readily available on the card stall and which has largely determined our course during the intervening months. Continue reading

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Enlivening Grace

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me I once was lost but now am found was blind but now I see. I thought I understood the idea of Grace until I started trying to speak … Continue reading

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Cancelling Debt

This is the fourth in our sermon series on the Lord’s Prayer and by now it will have become apparent that although this prayer consists of various acclamations and petitions they are intimately related to one another to the extent … Continue reading

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Sermon preached on 4th September 2011

Last week in the sermon I focused on loving our neighbour through offering hospitality. I touched on the challenges that arise when we are called to demonstrate love towards those who are different to ourselves, especially those marginalized by their … Continue reading

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Artistry of Faith: Embodying Forgiveness

HOW SHALL WE describe the Christian Way? We are, each of us, apprentices of a master craftsman. A pattern of life entrusted to us through baptism. Like any apprentice, we need a mentor; and it is to Jesus of Nazareth … Continue reading

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