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SHEFFIELD PRIDE 29th July – Endcliffe Park


If you’d like to be involved in St Mark’s presence at Pride on Saturday 29th July, take part in the march or volunteer at the stall, or support a Pride-themed Night Service on Sunday 30th July, please get in touch … Continue reading

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St Mark’s – a time for self examination?

Staff Team

When Sue announced in church the news of Bishop Philip’s nomination, she said that this would evoke a number of different responses….. Continue reading

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It’s Interfaith Week – we’re keeping our doors open, and a message from Abdul Kadir Gooljar…

No hands

Following the atrocities in Paris, public spaces are being closed. This church is opening its doors and inviting you to come in as a gesture of HOPE. You are invited to write messages of solidarity for those caught up in … Continue reading

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How can we help refugees and asylum seekers?

A very good collation of opportunities within Sheffield to offer support, practical assistance, food and shelter to the increasing number of refugees and asylum seekers, can be found here.  It has been put together by Voluntary Action Sheffield and is … Continue reading

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Community Spirit and sheer “bloody mindedness”!

What do the Rubik’s cube and the Broomhill Festival have in common?  More than you might initially think! Both were launched in 1975 and are celebrating their 40th anniversary. Both have associations with architecture with the cube being the brainchild … Continue reading

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Broomhill Festival 6 – 22 June ~ 40th Anniversary


The Broomhill Festival is a local community celebration held every June, which brings Broomhill together, raising money for local charities. Continue reading

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Full of Faith

This morning’s lectionary readings have prompted me to think about what it means to be faithful.  What does it mean to be full of faith and in right relationships?  My starting point is scripture, so what might it mean to … Continue reading

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Behold the Lamb of God

Over the last few days I’ve watched the sad unfolding story of 3 year old Mikaeel Kular who disappeared from his home in Edinburgh on Wednesday evening… We know his name but, across the world, children whose names we’ll never … Continue reading

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St Mark’s Church Organ

St Mark's Organ

An integral part of the visionary design for the new St Mark’s was the organ. In order that it can play a vital role in the worshiping life of the church, extensive restoration is being undertaken. Continue reading

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Publication of ‘History of St Mark’s’

'History of St Mark's Church' book cover

The new ‘History of St Mark’s’, launched to mark the 50th anniversary of the rebuilt St Mark’s Church, has received an enthusiastic welcome. Continue reading

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