Broomhall and community groups

Exterior photo of the Broomhall Centre on Broomspring Lane

Broomhall is a diverse community housing students and elderly residents who’ve lived there all their lives, people who came to Sheffield in the 1950’s from the Caribbean and Somali families, mainly from Somaliland, people who’ve grown up in Sheffield as well as those who’ve moved here from many different parts of the country.

The Broomhall Centre on Broomspring Lane hosts a variety of activities for all ages and is managed by a group of trustees from the local community.

Because of the diversity of this area, one of the most important groups in Broomhall is the “Group of Groups” or GOG, an umbrella organisation which invites representatives from different groups to meet together and share information and concerns. It meets every couple of months and provides an open forum in which to discuss the life of the community through the eyes of different local people and interested parties. For more information contact Sue Hammersley

There are many ways of getting involved in Broomhall, but if you’d like to find out more, you might like to have a word with Sue or contact the Broomhall Centre Manager, Susi Miller, on

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