A visitor browsing a section of the church libraryBOOKS! BOOKS! BOOKS!

Are books important to you? Is it hard for you to find writers who might help you sort out your feelings and ideas about God, religion and – as the saying goes – ‘birth, life, death…the whole damn thing’?  Bookshops and public libraries often don’t seem to have much to offer other than stuff from the wilder shores of ‘Mind, Body, Spirit’.

At St Mark’s we have an outstanding library of over 1200 volumes. They cover prayer and spirituality, the Bible and the history of the Christian Church; there are books on Islam and Buddhism, poetry, philosophy and economics, environmental issues, the science/religion debate and radical writers exploring the problems of faith and doubt.

Our long suits are contemporary theology and Jesus studies.  You will find generous helpings of Marcus Borg and Dominic Crossan, Rowan Williams, Karen Armstrong and Richard Holloway.  There are hundreds of others on the menu – including Jonathan Sachs, Hans Kung and Desmond Tutu, N T Wright and a sprinkling of Derrida – all there for you to discover and taste.

A catalogue of the most recent additions will be available here soon.  We are happy to provide a postal service – details of this can be obtained from the church office.

The library is a fantastic resource for everyone to enjoy – please use it!

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