Centre for Radical Christianity

St Mark’s Centre for Radical Christianity (CRC) is one of a growing number of national liberal-minded Christian organisations and networks exploring a fresh expression of Christianity relevant to the world we now live in.Marcus Borg signing books at the Autumn conference 2011

CRC has its home in St Mark’s Church but is a separate ecumenical organisation, with a national membership of 200 plus.  Established in 2003, its mission is ‘to explore the meaning of the Christian faith in the 21st century and to offer a fresh vision on an inclusive and open Church’.

Central to the work of CRC are day conferences and other meetings, held each year in the excellent facilities of St Mark’s. Previous speakers include leading contemporary theologians (such as Marcus Borg, Dominic Crossan and Jack Spong), philosophers and environmentalists. Conferences are open to the public and attract between 150 – 300 delegates from all over the UK. They bring together like-minded people who are thirsting for a radical re-expression of Christianity and provide an environment of exploration and mutual support.

Jack Spong talking with a CRC officer and the Vicar

The CRC also offers an extensive range of resources, including a lending library at St Mark’s alongside the church library. Books can be loaned directly or by post and CRC members can borrow from either library. For more information, visit the CRC resources web page.

CRC Council Officers are currently: Chair, John Schofield; Secretary, Jane Padget; Treasurer, Robin Saunders; Vice Chair, Sue Hobley.


For further information on CRC, please visit the website, www.stmarkscrc.co.uk, or contact the CRC Administrator, Anne Padget, by telephone on 0114 2663613, or by email: admin@stmarkscrc.co.uk.

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