Our Logo – commentary

St Mark's Logo

St Mark’s Logo, designed by the late David Stoker (1979-2010), is a distinctive emblem intended to communicate vitality and essence. 

The overall shape is cruciform, locating the community within the Christian story. The intersecting lines resonate with the East and West windows, rooting that community within a particular building, namely St Mark’s.

Woven within the lattice are three strands of meaning. Overall, the structure expresses inclusivity, dynamism and synergy. The interleaving of the vertical and horizontal axes represents the convergence of the sacred and the secular. The enclosed cell provides a generative core giving rise to creativity, openness and exploration (open ‘quarters’).

The multi-coloured matrix expresses variety and reconciliation, with the graining and jagged edges conveying something of the subtlety and open-endedness of faith. The colours are also significant: grey encapsulates the earthiness of existence, a being-towards-death characterised by challenge, ambiguity and pathos; blue bears witness to the life force of nature; yellow celebrates the life force of grace.

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