Giving and stewardship

The work and mission of St Mark’s is primarily funded from regular giving by its members. Our annual expenditure is in excess of £200,000 and we need substantial given income to cover this.

You can regularly give to the church in one of several ways including by bank monthly standing order or by cheque/cash in a weekly pledge envelope. If you choose to use one of the above methods and you are also a tax payer then please make your payment under Gift Aid.  As a tax payer, you can increase the value of your giving at no cost to yourself because the church can recover the income tax you have paid on the earnings that you used for the giving. This is very important to us because recovered tax accounts for approximately 17% of our income.

David Ryder, Treasurer, Judith Pitchforth, Assistant Treasurer or David Trickett, Parish Giving Director, will be pleased to advise you on the best way to give regularly to the church and will provide all the necessary forms to arrange your payments (including Gift Aid and alternative donation methods such as Payroll Giving).

The Diocesan website has information relating to giving and stewardship:

You may also be interested in the church’s giving.  As part of its work, St Mark’s supports fundraising and gives part of its annual income to UK and international charities.  You can find out more from the relevant web pages:

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