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A group from Inspire on retreat Welcome!

As you will see, St Mark’s has much to offer you: sensible and responsible theology; services that vary from traditional to alternative; an engaging programme for learning and exploration; socials that take us to the Lake District and beyond; and, above all, a community to which you can belong and where you can make your home.


St Mark’s is well-known as a leading centre for open, inclusive theology. Through the Centre for Radical Christianity, we regularly host conferences led by thought-provoking, high-profile speakers. We are a strong voice within the Anglican Communion and beyond, promoting an inclusive attitude towards contemporary issues in the Church such as homosexuality and women’s ministry.


The beating heart of St Mark’s is the chance to worship and encounter the divine together.

The 10am Parish Eucharist is the biggest service, with a traditional – though inclusive – liturgy, children’s groups and Sunday lunch once a month afterwards.  If you’re looking for someone to sit with when you first arrive, you may find most young adults sit at the back on the right hand side.

The 8pm Night Service is more reflective and exploratory, making use of silence, engaging the senses and drawing on a wide range of music and other resources.  We often have pizza afterwards and a trip to the pub.

There is a range of ages at both services.

Another strong aspect of worship amongst the young-adult community at St Mark’s is Taizé.  Taizé is a Christian community in southern France that attracts tens of thousands of young adults every year.  It is characterised by its simple worship, with repeated short chants and an extended period of silence. Taizé in Sheffield is a network that brings together all the Taizé style services, music rehearsals, and other events that happen all over the city, many of which happen at St Mark’s.  You can read all about Taizé in Sheffield and current events on the blog here or visit the facebook group here.



There is not a St. Marks Student Group but there is a bi-monthly meeting of Sheffield Student Christian Movement (SCM) Which is affiliated with the University of Sheffield and open to all students. The Visions and Values of SCM of: Deepening Faith, Seeking Justice, Celebrating Diversity and Christian Unity align strongly with the values of St. Marks.

This Student Group is held at St. Mark’s Church (in the upstairs lounge) on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month from 7:30pm-9pm.

Sheffield SCM meetings normally revolve around respectful and inclusive theological discussion (teapot questions) and eating of pizza (and potato salad!).

Other SCM sessions include workshops delivered by members of SCM, discussions on social justice projects and campaigning locally, nationally and internationally. We have also shared a ‘Peacemeal’ together, and watched theologically challenging films. At the end of every term we like to have a social event. We are also looking at arranging a SCM trip to Taizé in the future.

All students who attend St. Marks are welcome to join this lovely group of 10 or so people for food and fellowship.

Information on what SCM is can be found here:

If you would like to come along to a meeting, simply turn up on the night, or join the facebook group/send us an email – links are below -  to say hi first, whichever you would prefer.


If you would like any further information on student activities at St. Marks, feel free to contact Oliver Giles or Chris Ware directly at: or


How do I find out more?

There are various things to get involved with throughout the year – both student/young adult specific, and across the wider church.  Just some examples are: Advent and Lent courses, a Christmas meal, the occasional poptarts night out (!), and the Broomhill Festival in June.  For more info on any of this, just ask.


Young adults from St Mark's run a stand at a rally in the city centreOther Ways to Get Involved

There are a whole load of different things that you could get involved with at St Mark’s.  Here are just some of them.  If you would like to know more about these, or find out about the other ways you could get stuck in, contact our administrator.

CHOOSE A HOST FAMILY: If you fancy a home-cooked meal, socialising with ‘grown-ups’ or time on a proper sofa (!), St Mark’s has a number of host families/couples/individuals – young and old – who would love to have you over for dinner. Speak to a member of the staff team who can link you up!

SOUP RUN: Each Saturday evening a team from St. Mark’s does a soup run in town. It was set up by students and many are involved. Find out more…

ST MARK’S CHOIR AND MUSIC GROUP: St Mark’s has a rich musical tradition, and the choir is one of the highlights. There is also a music group that plays for All Age Services and for other special occasions. The music group consists of all ages and abilities, and new players always welcome! Find out more..

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